Who is Homewerx Music and what do we stand for? Homewerx Music is a boutique House Music record label headquartered out of Brooklyn, NY and originally founded by Edmund “Sizzahandz” Bini of Crooklyn Clan fame, and co-owned with partner and close friend Igor “Igor Tee” Tsigelman.

What began as a mentoring friendship, laid the groundwork for the formation of Homewerx Music as it is known today. Sizzahandz, as he is known to most, is not only an accomplished record producer and DJ, having produced both platinum and gold records, as well as touring the world with his live DJ performances; but is also an accomplished serial entrepreneur, owning the famed Crooklyn Clan Vault website, as well as his forthcoming CastDJ website (amongst many smaller lesser-known projects). Sizzahandz’s technical skills are second to none, on the turntables, in the music studio, as well as when it comes to computer coding. But above all else, Sizzahandz has a golden heart and has never let his fame or notoriety get the best of him, and it is this golden heart that opened the door to the very platform that is known as Homewerx Music.

Igor “Igor Tee” Tsigelman has been on a 20 year musical journey of his own, having once been a club promoter in his youth and always surrounding himself with DJs and producers, all due to his love for music, he himself had been trying to self-learn and master the many facets that encompass music production, from arrangement to mixing, to slowly trying to grasp the nuances of mastering, Sizzahandz on the other hand has done and exceeded at it all. So who better to reach out to, especially when they are in your social media network and just a few clicks away. Having completed a track that Igor wanted feedback on, that’s exactly what he did, he reached out to Sizzahandz and sent him the track. Sizzahandz not only provided the feedback that was requested, but he also discovered a potential artist that he believed in. Furthermore, he went ahead and took the time to remix the track to highlight the essence of what the track needed for it to have a professional polish to it and so that Igor Tee could get a thorough understanding of what was missing from his production, whereas he could learn. And so, the mentoring relationship began. 

The two were living hundreds of miles apart, with one living in Las Vegas, Nevada and the other living in Miami, Florida, but as destiny would have it, the two both moved to Brooklyn, NY within just months of one another; and to top it all off they moved to Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn and lived within a five-minute walk of each other. This took both the friendship, as well as the mentoring relationship to a whole other level. Igor Tee began spending more and more time with Sizzahandz in his studio, peering over his shoulders as he worked and demonstrated his processes for production, mixing and mastering. Taking back to his own studio, the wealth of knowledge that was bestowed on him, Igor Tee began applying what was taught and in due time produced a track that finally had the markings of a professionally produced track. With this accomplishment, Sizzahandz offered to release Igor Tee’s “Me Quieras” on what was then the original Homewerx Music, a side project that Sizzahandz had started that really wasn’t getting the attention it deserved, as Sizzahandz had much on his plate with the development of what’s to be CastDJ. 

Being super excited that he finally joined the ranks of a professionally released music artist, Igor Tee had his brand logo designed, it was this that sparked the idea of having a logo designed for Homewerx Music as a thank you for his time. At first, Sizzahandz was against the idea of a new logo, but with enough pleading from Igor Tee and the exclamation that it is a gift, Sizzahandz agreed. 

Igor Tee had a vision when he had his designer redesign the Homewerx Music logo and he voiced this vision to the designer who absolutely crushed the vision Igor Tee had (we use the same designer to this day and is an asset to the team). The vision for the logo that Igor Tee had, was of a younger version of himself. The first-grade version, that could not due his homework from school unless the one speaker mono transistor radio his late aunt gifted him was on. He envisioned a young boy sitting there doing their homework, but this time the homework was the aspiration of making a record. The concept was that each musician was once that very same schoolkid, with dreams of making music. After some further brainstorming and input from Sizzahandz, the logo as you have grown to know it was created. 

Having fallen in love with the logo and the marketing concept Igor Tee applied, Sizzahandz, having already formulating a mutual respect and getting to know more about Igor Tee as their relationship flourished, saw an opportunity to work with another business minded individual. Sizzahandz believed in Igor Tee’s abilities as a businessman, having learned of Igor’s academic accomplishments with his MBA designation, as well as his past career experiences Sizzahandz saw an opportunity to breathe new life into what has become the Homewerx Music of today by offering Igor Tee the opportunity to join forces and co-own and operate what is now Homewerx Music. 

Together the two formulated the Mission and Vision of the organization, to be a boutique record label for up-and-coming bedroom music producers who have yet to be discovered, as well as local industry heavyweights such as Sizzahandz himself, to have an outlet to professionally release their music to the public and help get discovered by the masses. Their goal was to be transparent and change the negative stigmas associated with the industry, a gripe many artists have experienced; as well as put some marketing and branding efforts behind the artists that they sign, a practice that has died down as of late. What they envisioned was the old school meeting the new school, and showing them the ropes (kind of what Sizzahandz did for Igor Tee), and it was this school theme that led to their whole brand image and the tagline “CLASS IS IN SESSION”. 

On March 26th, 2021, Homewerx Music officially began releasing music with their debut release “Sessions with Homewerx Music Vol. 1” a compilation album that broke the Beatport charts and set the tone for releases to come. With that, the buzz has been brewing and the brand has been growing, best of all organically, with both new fans daily, as well as artists believing in the brand and wanting to submit their demos for release consideration.