Being born in Moldova (a former Soviet Republic of the former USSR , dating myself here) and brought to the US as an infant, I grew up in NYC during the heyday of New York City club life.  Having partnered up with Alex Tech to form Sweetdrop Productions, we went on to promote major events at the Tunnel and Limelight, among other venues throughout the City.  With time the name Sweetdrop became associated with myself, as Alex spun under his name, so everyone associated the Sweetdrop in Sweetdrop Productions as my moniker; and so it stuck I began promoting as well as producing under that name.  

I was always entrenched in the scene, which helped develop very close friendships with the likes of Steven Zor, Sizzahandz, Rob Jr., Tony Versus, and many more DJs, Producers and Artists.  Having these relationships, it was only natural to get into managing. That was when Tony Versus and I began Signature Media Group, which had artists such as Steven Zor, Nino Bellemo, Leon Blaq and a select handful of others under its management roster.

I was always into music.  Having started piano lessons at a very young age, I moved on to playing the viola during my adolescent years... only to get the urge of learning drums, whereas I bought myself a kit and started jamming.  Fast forward to today and I have immersed myself into mastering production and its many facets.  Through the friendships that I developed, I managed to get (and continue to get) mentored by some heavy weight producers such as Sizzahandz and Rob Jr.  There are others who have helped me along the way, and they're simply too many to list.  

Anyway, I hope you like my page and the music that I make.  Please leave a comment after a listen, or send me a message... I always welcome feedback... it's the only way we learn!

Stay positive and always make music!

Igor Tee