DJ/Producer, born, Vito L. Scalogna, better known as VTONE - started his journey in music as a drummer at the age of 10. The rhythmic beats that once blared from his childhood, later became the foundation for him to begin mixing records early as a young teen. Lush atmospheres and engaging grooves, he creates a potent blend of house and techno music.

Looking back on earlier days when House music called home to legendary nightclubs, The Limelight, Roxy, Twilo, Vinyl, and Sound Factory, his passion for DJing grew while listening to the some of the best resonate the dancefloors.

With weekly residencies at some of the biggest New York Nightclubs, his genre-defying live sets and productions blur the lines between different styles of underground dance music. Reaching out to the audience, He aims to take you through sound, navigating up-tempo beats & tight low-ends, transitioning to a smoother pace, guiding you to a place of musical bliss.

In 2008, after an extensive stretch in the local scene, VTONE stepped away from the weekly bookings and decided to focus on music productions.

Groomed in classic New York Nightclubs, VTONE has always paid homage to his roots.

To this day, you can feel a sense of nostalgia emanating from his productions. He has had the opportunity to work with labels such as MB Elektronics, Krafted Records, Electrified Mindz, Unity Records, System Recordings, Illegit Records, Comade Music, Opium Music, Terminator Records, Mind Music, Sektor Records and Legendary New York record label, Nervous Records.

As of 2020, he’s joined with Lafayette Street Records, the brainchild of Cortney Callanan, former label manager of Star69 Records, and partner Igor “Iggy” Kisil, the Billboard-charting creative genius known as Sweet Rains (and of Sweet Rains Records.)

A true Artist at heart, believing music is much more than entertainment, Music is a way of life, an art form—an outlet for self-expression.