"Enter the realm of 'vorfreude', a techno virtuoso who is redefining the boundaries of the genre. After years of establishing himself as an acclaimed house and tech-house maestro under the moniker DJ Frankie G, a shift in sonic preferences led to the birth of this new identity.

Inspired by the name itself – a German word encapsulating the intense, joyful anticipation for something which is yet to come – vorfreude embodies the future of techno, bringing an aura of palpable excitement to the music scene. His sounds echo the pulsating energy of European techno, stirring a powerful cocktail of entrancing beats, complex rhythms, and evocative melodies.

Breaking away from the familiarity of DJ Frankie G , vorfreude seeks the raw and uncharted territories of the electronic music spectrum. His productions are a culmination of years spent honing his craft, now morphed into a refined exploration of the dark and hypnotic corners of techno. With every track, vorfreude promises not just a tune, but a thrilling auditory journey that keeps listeners on the edge of their seats.

Unveiling a fresh perspective on techno and nurturing the seeds of anticipation, vorfreude marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in the realm of electronic music. Stay tuned and join the journey – it’s just the beginning."


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