From as early as he is able to remember, Shaun aka Osed's home was always filled with music.

His father, a musician and his mother, a music lover.

Born in Brooklyn, NY, the family resided in Staten Island when Osed was roughly 4 years old.

He began learning piano, and playing the drums, but his focus early on became more on athletics.

It didn't take long though before he found himself at a very young age at a party called NASA .

From there on out Osed spent most of his time venturing into Manhattan, and frequenting the legendary rooms in NYC during the early 90's.

Osed's music is inspired from decades spent cultivating a priceless education on the dance floors of the worlds best DJ's & Producers playing the most eclectic sounds from disco, garage, drum 'n bass, house, & techno.

His transition from the dance floor to the studio is only driven by his pure passion for the music he loves so deeply in his soul.