Born in Brooklyn, NY, MikeMas started his journey way back in the 1980s. He would spend his past time listening to an array of DJ’s on the radio, fascinated by the technicalities of the craft. In the mid '80s he purchased his first set of turntables and took to DJing various genres like Disco, Freestyle, and House Music. It was then he discovered  a DJ by the name of Todd Terry, whose beats set the path and lit the fire for what is know today as MikeMas!
It was in the early '90s, during the epic club scene in NYC, that he embarked on promoting the hottest clubs. Locales such as Palladium, LimeLight, Tunnel, Sound Factory, Expo, Exit, Crobar, Roxy, and Webster Hall. He equally supported and promoted smaller venues in his hometown of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, such as Legacy, Gazebo, and TJ Bentleys, just to name a few. It would be in these venues that he would eventually cross paths with Producers and DJs alike, sharing in the adoration of the Tech House and Techno club scenes, where MikeMas would elevate the game and take his passion for music to the next level!