Carlos is a DJ / Producer from the Dominican Republic established in Dublin, Ireland.  It all started when his parents denied him a drum set as a kid.  As a natural rebel, he decided to save up and buy a pair of old turntables and studio monitors instead. Eleven years later, plus multiple headaches, late nights, and lots of crashed Ableton projects, the sound of Charlie Fry was created.  Charlie's sound is versatile and innovative.  He likes to create eccentric Tech and Afro House with arpeggiated drums and synths that resonate with his Latin roots. Like if electronic synths and Latin drums went out for a fancy dinner. Charlie's motto is simple: "If you can dream it, you can do it.”  Some of the artists that inspire him are: Jamie Jones, Claude VonStroke, German Brigante, Dennis Cruz, Shiba San, DJ Chus, Lubelski, Ninetoes, Harry Romero, Dateless and more.