Beat Stylist is a House music producer, DJ and music industry veteran from New Jersey, USA. His production style is best described as drum laden, powerful and aggressive with great emphasis on the groove. He draws inspiration from a diverse range of modern producers and also from numerous legendary producers of the past who helped birth, nurture and develop the genre called House Music.

Beat Stylist’s vast experience in the music industry and his time spent in the legendary nightclubs of New Jersey and New York City have had an undeniable effect on his music production. This is audibly evident the moment you hear any of his tracks. Always a student, Beat Stylist consistently keeps his finger on the pulse of current sounds. Coupled with his vast knowledge of the (House) genre’s musical past, the result makes for a very unique and distinctive listening experience! At the end of the day, his ultimate goal is to move people with his music, whether it’s on the dancefloor or emotionally.